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Flash sale GEs

DISCLAIMER: Information that you can see below is related to functionality that is not available yet. I only wanted to visualize data that got added to definitions recently for my own use, but decided to add it here as well.
What's more, there seems to be some kind of bug in that part of data that might get fixed, when functionality will be released ... or might not. Anyway, that's the current list and current way of presenting it. This will surely change, rather sooner than later, depending on changes made on release.
I am only guessing what this functionality might be, after seeing how this data was named ;)
On the list below, slots marked with goldish background are being offered as flash deals. In most cases, those items are Golden Epic items (GE) that were bonus items added to chest packs bought during weekend deals. There is a chance, that not all GE items that were available during weekends will be available as flash sale offers right away, so you shouldn't treat this as a list of all "weekend GEs" (you can find better source HERE). For this list to be a bit more useful, instead of marking only those flash deals, it also shows list of available flash dealed Event GEs, those available as part of DLC or given away as unique rewards from special game events or other way. Like other tables, this one is being built automatically using game definitions. Only those special GEs are added by hand: Information about other items is generated from provided data, which might be inaccurate.

Champions Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6
Bruenor GC pack DLC
Celeste DLC
Nayeli DLC Special
Jarlaxle DLC
Calliope DLC
Asharra DLC
Minsc Special DLC
Delina DLC
Makos DLC
Tyril DLC
Jamilah DLC
Arkhan DLC Special
Hitch DLC
Stoki Event
Krond Event
Gromma Event
Dhadius Event
Barrowin Event
Regis Event
Birdsong Event
Zorbu Event
Strix Event
Nrakk Event
Catti-brie Event
Evelyn Event
Binwin Event
Deekin Event
Xander Event
Ishi Event
Wulfgar Event
Farideh Event
Donaar Event
Vlahnya Event
Warden Event
Nerys Event
K'thriss Event
Paultin Event
Black Viper Event
Rosie Event
Aila Event
Spurt Event
Qillek Event
Korth Event
Walnut Event
Shandie Event
Jim Event
Turiel Event
Pwent Event
Avren Event
Sentry Event
Krull Event
Artemis Event
Môrgæn Event
Havilar Event
Sisaspia Event
Briv Event
Melf Event
Krydle Event
Jaheira Event
Nova Event
Freely Event
Beadle & Grimm Event
Omin Event
Lazaapz Event
Torogar Event
Ezmerelda Event
Penelope Event
Lucius Event
Baeloth Event
Talin Event
Hew Maan Event
Orisha Event
Alyndra Event
Orkira Event
Shaka Event
Mehen Event
Selise Event
Sgt. Knox Event
Ellywick Event
Prudence Event
Corazón Event
D'hani Event
Brig Event
Widdle Event
Yorven Event
Viconia Event
Rust Event
Vi Event
Desmond Event
Tatyana Event
Gazrick Event
Dungeon Master Event
Nordom Event
Merilwen Event
Nahara Event
Valentine Event
Voronika Event
Dob Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Egbert Event
Kent Event
Virgil Event
Warduke Event
Imoen Event
Fen Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event
Y4E15 Event

with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner