Hello World!!!


Yes, that's how it should look in case of my first real web project, especially since it's very early pre-alpha version. I am giving you guys early access to this project eventhough I wanted to present you a far more complete version. Sadly, recently I don't have enough time to spend on this project, so initally fast progress slowed down a lot. It's so slow now, that I've decided to give you access to whatever is ready. Even those small bits should have some use, especially to those who know where to look and how to read data I am presenting. Some parts of this project might be in a very bad state, like REALLY bad (e.g. champions pages), but it will slowly change. Updates should be frequent, yet not very big.

"Magic" should become available soon™ ;)

Ok, that whole note above, was to those, who already saw my very initial/testing version of this project, that consisted of 3 separate pages without any connection between them. So for the short explanation what this project actually is: the purpose of this project is to create a wiki-like webpage, which will automatically update itself. Yes, you've read it right. All (ok, most of them, as hints and "timezoner" were written by hand ;) ) subpages of this project are automatically generated whenever change in game definitions is detected. What's more, the original project allowed for some user data presentation (you saw that "magic" being mentioned above?), like e.g. count of opened chests and pity timers. This is exactly what I am working on now and it will be what will be released with next update, so yes, champion info pages will remain a mess for a bit, but if you know how to use that data ... you'll find a lot information there.

Ok, that's all for now. Use at your own risk ;)

Just as I was thinking about giving you access to current version, CNE Justin announced that they've been working on WebGL version of IC and said, which platform Id was assigned to this game version ... so yes, the question mark in changelog subpage means exactly CNE Games platform, nice logo. I'll update that as soon as I'll create logo for this platform.
with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner