Hello World!!!


Welcome to my slowly growing project. If you saw earlier version of it, you can skip this whole message or at least this paragraph.
One of two of this project's raison d'etre is to give you access to basic game data, that usually is available through community driven wikipedias. Unfortunately, people who update them come and go, leaving them in constantly outdated state. When I've started it, this was so very valid reason, but not anymore. Currently there is someone who, just like me, found a better way to keep things constantly updated without spending too much time working on updates. Long story short, whenever game's definitions get updated, both this and the mentioned wiki are automatically updated. So if that kind of data is the only reason you're here, you might want to check out fandom wiki as well.
Second reason, that truly pushed me to start working on this project (meaning it's the main one), is to visualize user's data. Something that no standard wiki running on a free wiki hosting can offer. Further, I am refering to this functionality as "magic" (out of not having any better word to describe it :P ).

This project has quite long history. It started with single html file ("version 1" as I've started calling it after reaching … "version 3"), that you could run locally on your machine. Later, I've tried preparing a server based, automatically updated pages ("version 2"), but what actually became public, was more of a test whether it will work properly (also, those were only two pages - champions and chests). Current version of this page (version 3) was meant to be final, but over time, I've learned, that I'd rather rebuild it from scratch once again, instead of still going in not so good direction. And that's how work on "version 4" started. No, that does not mean that I've abandoned current version completely and you won't see any updates before release of v4. In the meantime, I've pushed feat lists, personal bests and some more minor updates (although I've indeed already decided not to update this page in it's current state anymore … never say never). So yes, this page will keep receiving some minor updates when I will feel like doing so, although not as actively as before because I am focusing on the current should-be-final version 4. Unfotunately, time I can spend working on this project weekly has shrunk significantly, so … don't expect anything big anytime soon.

Btw, it is EA planned for 6 months, what can go wrong, right? I have at least 1 year of time from when IC will leave EA, that I can promise ^_^

Recent changes:

- Feat and feat slots lists, with searchable keywords disabled/enabled.
- Achievements page for displaying "personal bests" for each adventure. For now, list of adventures is updated manually (CNE won't help), so forgive me if it gets out of date from time to time.
- Added Veterans of Avernus blessing buff to damage on a player's request. Because there's no better place for now, in same place as Slow and Steady - Kartridge and Switch icons for changelog (yes, Switch is in the data and game code for very long, still waiting for release).
- Simple chest store (planned more stores, like patron and feat store, but got demotivated after not receiving any response on Q&A once again).

with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner