Data exporters

Below, you will be able to find two data exporters for IC web tools created by other players.

Data exporter for fenomas' idle-sim

This is functionally a very simple exporter. You simply download two files required for their tool. You can find the tool HERE If you're playing on steam, android or any other platform, where you can access game files directly, you don't have to use my exporter (but you can if you want to). This exporter will work only to "natives", i.e. people who "registered" their user credentials with my page, as otherwise you won't be able to download your own data.

First insert your current client version number (go into game's menu, you'll see a number at the very bottom). Insert only the value after "0.", i.e. if you see "0.333", type only "333". After that, it's best to right-click both links and save targets as json files, but you can also open them in browser, then save whole page (be carefull though, not to save it as HTML in this case).

Your client version:
Game definitions User data

Data exporter for Ridge's 'compare' spreadsheet

Here you can easily export your data in the form accepted by Ridge's Idle 'compare' Champions spreadsheet, which you can find HERE.

for natives

for those, that already use user data related functionalities of this webpage (exports currently loaded user data)

for aliens 👽

for those, who only came here to extract properly formatted data or who just don't want to use this webpage's extended functionalities (although you should reconsider that ^_^)

Paste your user data here. It's last line of webRequestLog.txt file in your game's directory or response you get by sending getuserdetails request as described on Ridge's spreadsheet's Readme sheet.

with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner