The list below lets you view all chest types available in the game.
You can use weekend chest list for determining incoming weekend buffs.

List of chests
Id Name Type Gear for Pity
CD timer
1 Silver Chest standard Core ChampionsBruenor Celeste Nayeli Jarlaxle Calliope Asharra Minsc Delina Makos Tyril Jamilah Arkhan Hitch Drizzt Azaka
2 Gold Chest standard Core ChampionsBruenor Celeste Nayeli Jarlaxle Calliope Asharra Minsc Delina Makos Tyril Jamilah Arkhan Hitch Drizzt Azaka
3 Silver Stoki Chest event Stoki
4 Gold Stoki Chest event Stoki
5 Silver Krond Chest event Krond
6 Gold Krond Chest event Krond
7 Silver Gromma Chest event Gromma
8 Gold Gromma Chest event Gromma
9 Silver Dhadius Chest event Dhadius
10 Gold Dhadius Chest event Dhadius
11 Silver Barrowin Chest event Barrowin
12 Gold Barrowin Chest event Barrowin
13 Gold Snowy Chest weekend Jarlaxle, Asharra, Dhadius
14 Gold Chultan Chest weekend Bruenor, Minsc, Drizzt
15 Gold Wayside Chest weekend Celeste, Jamilah, Hitch
16 Silver Regis Chest event Regis
17 Gold Regis Chest event Regis
18 Silver Birdsong Chest event Birdsong
19 Gold Birdsong Chest event Birdsong
20 Gold Neutral Chest weekend Asharra, Jamilah, Regis
21 Silver Zorbu Chest event Zorbu
22 Gold Zorbu Chest event Zorbu
23 Gold Evil Chest weekend Jarlaxle, Makos, Arkhan
24 Gold Chaos Chest weekend Calliope, Minsc, Hitch
25 Gold Good Chest weekend Celeste, Nayeli, Barrowin
26 Silver Strix Chest event Strix
27 Gold Strix Chest event Strix
28 Gold Spring Chest weekend Bruenor, Tyril, Stoki
29 Silver Nrakk Chest event Nrakk
30 Gold Nrakk Chest event Nrakk
31 Gold Lawful Chest weekend Nayeli, Asharra, Birdsong
32 Gold Companions' Chest weekend Bruenor, Regis, Drizzt
33 Gold Force Grey Chest weekend Calliope, Hitch, Tyril, Jamilah, Arkhan
34 Gold Bird-Loving Chest weekend Jarlaxle, Asharra, Strix
35 Silver Catti-brie Chest event Catti-brie
36 Gold Catti-brie Chest event Catti-brie
37 Gold Supply Chest special -
38 Gold Tough Chest weekend Bruenor, Regis, Stoki, Barrowin, Zorbu
39 Gold Magic Chest weekend Dhadius, Asharra, Makos
40 Silver Evelyn Chest event Evelyn
41 Gold Evelyn Chest event Evelyn
42 Gold Warrior Chest weekend Celeste, Calliope, Catti-brie, Jamilah
43 Gold Stuffed Chest weekend Gromma, Jarlaxle, Hitch, Strix
44 Gold Googly-Eyed Chest weekend Jarlaxle, Calliope, Minsc, Nrakk, Zorbu
45 Silver Binwin Chest event Binwin
46 Gold Binwin Chest event Binwin
47 Gold Gentlemen Chest weekend Bruenor, Dhadius, Krond, Makos, Arkhan
48 Gold Adventurers' Chest weekend Celeste, Evelyn, Catti-brie, Tyril, Jamilah
49 Gold Minion Chest weekend Bruenor, Binwin, Evelyn, Hitch, Barrowin
50 Gold Scroll-Filled Chest weekend Regis, Jarlaxle, Catti-brie, Delina, Makos
51 Gold Chaotic Chest weekend Calliope, Krond, Hitch, Strix, Zorbu
52 Gold Gate Chest weekend Birdsong, Asharra, Minsc, Strix, Zorbu
53 Silver Deekin Chest event Deekin
54 Gold Deekin Chest event Deekin
55 Silver Diath Chest event Diath
56 Gold Diath Chest event Diath
57 Silver Ishi Chest event Ishi
58 Gold Ishi Chest event Ishi
60 Gold Many-Horned Chest weekend Bruenor, Binwin, Makos, Barrowin, Strix
59 Gold Storyteller Chest weekend Deekin, Celeste, Calliope, Birdsong, Tyril
61 Gold Pummeled Chest weekend Nayeli, Stoki, Evelyn, Jamilah, Arkhan
62 Gold Puzzle Cube Chest weekend Celeste, Binwin, Hitch, Birdsong, Tyril
63 Gold Friend Chest weekend Gromma, Asharra, Delina, Barrowin
64 Gold Warband Chest weekend Deekin, Calliope, Drizzt, Nrakk, Tyril
65 Gold Weave-Bound Chest weekend Celeste, Dhadius, Asharra, Makos, Strix
66 Gold Band Chest weekend Calliope, Deekin, Jarlaxle, Birdsong
67 Silver Wulfgar Chest event Wulfgar
68 Gold Wulfgar Chest event Wulfgar
69 Gold Mithral Hall Chest weekend Bruenor, Regis, Catti-brie, Drizzt, Wulfgar
70 Gold Heist Chest weekend Nayeli, Deekin, Ishi, Hitch, Minsc
71 Silver Farideh Chest event Farideh
72 Gold Farideh Chest event Farideh
73 Silver Donaar Chest event Donaar
74 Gold Donaar Chest event Donaar
75 Silver Vlahnya Chest event Vlahnya
76 Gold Vlahnya Chest event Vlahnya
77 Gold Dice Chest weekend Diath, Evelyn, Tyril, Jamilah, Arkhan
78 Gold Sheaf Chest weekend Celeste, Binwin, Asharra, Makos, Zorbu
79 Gold Brimstone Chest weekend Calliope, Farideh, Hitch, Makos, Strix
80 Gold Rampage Chest weekend Bruenor, Regis, Nayeli, Delina, Birdsong
81 Silver Warden Chest event Warden
82 Gold Warden Chest event Warden
83 Silver Nerys Chest event Nerys
84 Gold Nerys Chest event Nerys
85 Silver K'thriss Chest event K'thriss
86 Gold K'thriss Chest event K'thriss
87 Silver Paultin Chest event Paultin
88 Gold Paultin Chest event Paultin
89 Silver Black Viper Chest event Black Viper
90 Gold Black Viper Chest event Black Viper
91 Silver Rosie Chest event Rosie
92 Gold Rosie Chest event Rosie
109 Gold Story Chest weekend Deekin, Jarlaxle, Farideh, Drizzt, Arkhan
110 Gold Crew Chest weekend Stoki, Calliope, Minsc, Hitch, Tyril
111 Gold Runic Chest weekend Bruenor, Binwin, Ishi, Asharra, Barrowin
112 Gold Friend Chest weekend Celeste, Calliope, Evelyn, Farideh, Jamilah
113 Gold Battlegroup Chest weekend Deekin, Jarlaxle, Minsc, Birdsong, Tyril
114 Gold Returning Hero Chest weekend Donaar, Nayeli, Krond, Makos, Arkhan
115 Gold Jungle Chest weekend Asharra, Vlahnya, Birdsong, Tyril, Azaka
116 Gold Welcome Chest weekend Bruenor, Celeste, Nayeli, Farideh, Hitch
117 Gold Braggy Chest weekend Donaar, Jarlaxle, Diath, Minsc, Arkhan
118 Gold Protected Chest weekend Deekin, Calliope, Asharra, Delina, Strix
119 Gold Wild Chest weekend Regis, Nayeli, Catti-brie, Makos, Jamilah
120 Gold Watchful Chest weekend Bruenor, Gromma, Jarlaxle, Farideh, Tyril
121 Gold Exotic Chest weekend Asharra, Nrakk, Makos, Warden, Arkhan
122 Gold Inventive Chest weekend Binwin, Jarlaxle, Calliope, Minsc, Vlahnya
123 Gold Cruel Chest weekend Dhadius, Krond, Makos, Warden, Arkhan
124 Gold Owlbear Chest weekend Celeste, Diath, Evelyn, Hitch, Strix
125 Gold Siren Chest weekend Bruenor, Nayeli, Vlahnya, Tyril, Nerys
126 Gold Distressed Chest weekend Gromma, Asharra, Arkhan, Birdsong, Barrowin
127 Gold Trapped Chest weekend K'thriss, Donaar, Jarlaxle, Krond, Jamilah
128 Gold Murderbot Chest weekend Paultin, Calliope, Drizzt, Tyril, Warden
129 Gold Fit Chest weekend Bruenor, Krond, Makos, Wulfgar, Arkhan
130 Gold Honeycomb Chest weekend Donaar, Nayeli, Paultin, Diath, Hitch
131 Gold Spiritual Chest weekend Celeste, Calliope, Asharra, Black Viper, Nerys
132 Gold Non-Mimic Chest weekend Bruenor, Jarlaxle, Minsc, Delina, Jamilah
Id Name Type Gear for Pity Opened Inventory
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