Very Work In Progress

Since I've already started working on complete rebuild of current project of this website (v3 -> v4), there are not many big updates anymore, until new version (probably final, when it comes to how background scripts would work) becomes public. Hovewer, since many people keep asking about "personal bests" I've quickly created this simple and rather imperfect subpage that was planned for two types of in-game achievements and personal bests. For now, with this initial release, partial personal bests is what you can see (or not, if you did not use your player data with this website).

Basic account totals

Self explanatory ;) Early version of your account totals publisher.
For now I won't copy stuff that's already available on Chests subpage.

Account created
Time since account creation
(from user data)
Monster kills
Boss kills
(familiars count as well)
Highest DPS ever
Shinies obtained
(Golds should count as well)
Free Plays completed
Champions unlocked
Adventures completed
Total loot levels

Personal bests

Below, you should be able to see highest area beaten per every (or at least most) adventure / variant / free play.
Keep in mind, that not all adventures/variants/free plays might be properly named and you will see only Adventure with it's id. The reason for that is that I have to capture every single adventure's id by myself. It's not available anywehre out of the box and cne officially said they have no will to help me with this.

Max for permanent campaigns (without going into bugs/glitches/exploits) is 994. For events/time gates it's 1144, but after "patch", once you reach 1100 you get automatic (non-perma ?) ban, so practically event/tg max is 1099.

with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner