Hello World!!!


Welcome to my slowly growing project. If you saw earlier version of it, you can skip this whole message or at least this paragraph.
One of two of this project's raison d'etre is to give you access to basic game data, that usually is available through community driven wikipedias. Unfortunately, people who update them come and go, leaving them in constantly outdated state. When I've started it, this was so very valid reason, but not anymore. Currently there is someone who, just like me, found a better way to keep things constantly updated without spending too much time working on updates. Long story short, whenever game's definitions get updated, both this and the mentioned wiki are automatically updated. So if that kind of data is the only reason you're here, you might want to check out fandom wiki as well.
Second reason, that truly pushed me to start working on this project (meaning it's the main one), is to visualize user's data. Something that no standard wiki running on a free wiki hosting can offer. Further, I am refering to this functionality as "magic" (out of not having any better word to describe it :P ).

Currently I am slowly moving towards true release (you can see this EA message in the corner, right?). GUI for the "magic" part of this project is full-ready. This should really speed up my work on this project (believe me, I hate playing with gui and layouts). I won't spoil yet what my wizardry will be able to do, I hope, than when it's ready, you will enjoy it. For those who saw earlier version of this project - you can expect it to do more, than it did in the past. And it will be far easier to use.

The aforementioned magic part is not available here, not even partially, so even if this project is moving forward (far quicker than the static part), you won't see actual updates made to the publicly released part. On the other side, I keep working on the static content as well, so you can expect some slow changes here and there, mainly around champion pages, both the summary table (more columns) and the detailed champion pages, which were released ... in a very pre-alpha version. When you enter those later ones ... no, nothing is broken, it's just the way it is and it is slowly getting better, but that's lower priority for me now. You can view similar (and much better looking) pages on community driven wikis (mainly the mentioned fandom one).

On the right side, you can see my progress towards earlier planned milestones. It's auto updated with data from my issue tracker.

Recent changes:

- overwhelm level available on champions/summary page,
- added another tag (wildelf) to list of sub-races, so it gets removed from champion tag list,
- fixed some inconsistency issues in patchnotes, eg. lower version number patch released after higher version (their order was invalid on page) or two different patchnotes with same patch id (the one added later never appeared on page) ... Consistency Not Expected,
- updated champ upgrade list on detailed pages. Main change - it's tabelarized now. Additionally, the "9999-upgrades" are skipped and you can view total price of each upgrade,
- changed hints to faq section,
- removed [REDACTED] subpage from chests submenu.

with your support it will be ready in about 6 months or ... sooner